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Book to read while traveling is a consideration given by any traveler and not just book-worms. And why would this happen? Well, books remain one of the best constants for any journey. Any of the travel experiences come with a pinch of self-actualisation and motivated isolation, the companions become songs and books. Most of the travelers end up developing a relationship in disguise with one of these books or songs which become agents of teleportation for them in the future and bare touch of the thing get them back to the unique feels and memories they built.

As a company becoming a favourite for backpackers and travelers, we keep on interacting with our customers and gain these experiential perspectives which we love to share with you through our blogs. Having gathered a database of books and songs through all these interactions, we have decided to start off this new series of blogs which will be talking about some of those books which we could carry as your companions, accompanying you through the thicks and thins, while evolving you as a traveler rather, a human.

The first book in the series is: ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ by Che Guevara. 
Before beginning, we would like to specify that as a company we don’t associate with any political ideology and by no means, we wish to propagate agendas.

Che Guevara has been the poster boy of revolution for this race of humans for long. A medical student nearly finished with his journey to become a doctor living a lavish life, a young man who opts for a motorcycle trip with his friend, a revolutionary who achieves an ideal to strive for and submits to it in a way that he ends up pushing entire humanity to stop and listen to him – compiled together as a book in his own words called ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’. Sounds filmy, right? It is more than that. This book is quite an ambassador loudspeaking the gigantic influence travel can have on you. Especially referencing the speech given by Swami Vivekananda in America, travel and knowing people kick all the frogs of they’re well into the vast ocean of impossibilities and infinities. If you wish to realise the right way of traveling carry this book on your next trip and understand how you could escape the boundaries around yourself and become so much more by earning the gem called empathy.

We wouldn’t do a book review in this blog as there are better reviews which can be referenced online. We would just like to push you into exploring the pages and share your own experience after going through a few chapters. The possibility is a magical word and we at BookBySlot believe in the magic each of you carries within yourself. This particular book reflects how a planned way of living might not be the best approach towards this small story which could end up into an epic for everyone, just by following the call of the heart. Also, it establishes an entrepreneurial approach within you. No, we are not talking about opening companies but ventures within your lifestyle and thought processes. Becoming the boss of your own decision making is something that will be taught to you by Che himself.

Carry a book on your next trip and share with us your experiences. We love to reach out to our community while becoming a voice of yours. Also, visit to experience a new way of travel and stay. BookBySlot itself became a reality because of the travel experiences of the founders who would find it to be unjustified to pay for a full day in a hotel when all they needed was a nap, a place to freshen up or relax before a flight. We find a similar situation in the book ‘The Motorcycle Diaries’ how the travelers of the new era require the solutions of the new kind. Dynamism and friendliness are what the businesses have to offer which cater to young minds. Have you BookBySlot?

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