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calendar for holidays for 2019

List of Holidays in 2019

2018 has ended with the start of the brand new year with many promising things in 2019 and did you see the list of the Gazette holidays of India ...

December 26, 2018 241 0 0
hourly hotel booking for entrepreneurs

Hourly Hotel Booking for Entrepreneurs | Journey of a Entrepreneur – Guru Bhai

As the title suggests, we are going to talk about one of the most talked about entrepreneur of India. Yes, we are talking about Gurukant “Guru ...

December 26, 2018 390 0 1

Travel Snacks : While on a Diet | Corporate Travel Guide

Corporate travels while maintaining a healthy diet and way of living, sounds like a myth, right? Well, the corporate travelers are the worst at ...

November 1, 2018 281 0 0