10 Songs to listen to on your next road trip

No road trip is complete without an amazing playlist. The songs that you listen to during the trip keep the memories alive. You will have subconsciously associated the song and every time you listen to it in the future, you will have chills down your spine. You will wish you were back in your car. […]

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Entrepreneur INDIA: These Experts Share How Networking Helped Them In Business Growth

Networking is not just about exchanging business cards and connecting on Linkedin. Historically, networking has been of paramount importance for business development.  During the pre internet, pre mobile phone and pre fax era, seminars were few and webinars were non-existent, but what used to be in vogue was trade fairs and post trade fairs parties. Personal […]

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Entrepreneur INDIA: 5 Reasons Why the Customer is Not Always Right

Making the employees believe that the customer is always right, is making them dejected. An oft-quoted catchphrase in the business world is that the customer is always right. And to meet customers’ needs companies often go to ridiculous extents. However, treating customers like they are always right can be self-destructive for entrepreneurs. It can have […]

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BW DISRUPT: Book by Slot, The New Way of Booking Hotels.

Travel start-ups like BookBySlot are re-defining the way the hotel industry operates in India. A recent TV ad campaign by a leading telecom operator in this country has caught people’s attention and has become the talk of the town. The advertisement talked about the data user haven’t used but paid for it and questions the […]

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Bookbyslot plans to raise funds to expand

Born in Kanpur, studied in Delhi, completed post-graduation in New Zealand, worked across Mumbai and Dubai- the sobriquet ‘global citizen’ suits Anubhav Agarwal to a tee. He was living in Dubai for about four years when the entrepreneurship bug brought him back to New Delhi to launch his startup Bookbyslot, one of the first few […]

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