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Corporate travels while maintaining a healthy diet and way of living, sounds like a myth, right? Well, the corporate travelers are the worst at keeping their new year resolutions especially when it comes to health as they genuinely suffer a lot, ‘suffer’ the ‘suffer’ in English and not the ‘safar’ i.e. travel in Hindi. Why so? Well, imagine being in a new city every second week with no stability in the name of food, accommodation, routine, physical workout etc. A nomad dressed up in suits and blazers with more than the triple load on mental health than nomads. Doesn’t sound very romantic, right?

Okay, but why do the corporate travelers face such instability? One of the prime credits go to our nonsensical hotel booking system.which is about fixed check-ins, full day bookings even if the need is for 3-4 hours. The joke that corporates are filthy rich and can buy off every comfort possible is something to laugh at but nothing beyond. Waiting at airport lounges, railway station waiting rooms, office rooms etc. is how most of the time gets wasted, uncomfortably.

And of course, the above monstrous problem of the inability to book premium hotels on the hourly basis has been duly addressed by, already, the platform stabilizing your corporate travel life with a room to relax in a good hotel while paying for hourly slots, and flexible check-ins, of course.

But still, keeping on the right track to a good health and wellbeing while traveling, in general, is tough. The change in the weather, the constrained availability of certain diet, the lack of a homely, personalized care etc. are always there. On top of it, staying on a diet is next to impossible. So a corporate traveler who is dieting does sound like a weirdly impossible someone who would prove to be a perfect guide, rather inspiration, for your health regimes. But believe us, corporate travel while dieting can manifest into a reality.

1.) Have the right supplements and munchies

Don’t fight your hunger but replace the bad food with the good food. A lot of companies are coming up with solutions that can serve the purpose. For example,, Soulful Foods etc. who provide healthy munchies as supplements over your oily, unhealthy chips and other snacks. Before catching that next flight for your corporate travel, before entering that next conference room for your corporate meeting, before skipping that next meal to save some time as you had to get inside a taxi to the airport – there is an option, always.
Curbing down your hunger is an impossibility that can’t be suggested but upscaling your habits is surely doable. Other than the products available in the market, you can also go for fully natural substitutes like fruits/ vegetable salad. Bananas, nuts, apples, carrots and so much more – your excuse will surely not able to beat the number of options you have available with yourself to stay on a healthy diet while undergoing corporate travel.

2.) Drink and stay hydrated throughout the day

Drinking the right fluid is the best health practice. Avoiding the temptations for sugary sodas and juices, staying equipped with a bottle of water, fresh juices, lemonade etc. will dramatically elevate your fulfillment for a healthy lifestyle while on a diet.
Please stop being so lazy or lost that only a glass of water coming to you is what you drink. Yes, they do serve drinks in flights, business meetings, office rooms etc. but think not that your corporate travel eliminates your own initiatives to grab that glass and hydrate yourself. Take up the command of your hydration if not food, while undergoing corporate travel. Boosting of mood, weight loss, protection against diseases kidney diseases, constipation etc. are what can be achieved by simply regulating your hydration.

3.) Keep the physical work on

Hey, the corporate travel shouldn’t turn you into a hippopotamus standing in the pool called the corporate world where mental engagements are always more than the expected but physical involvement remains next to zero. When booking your accommodation in a premium hotel through, check for hotels for fitness centers, swimming pools etc. and beyond the resting plans, involve yourself with loads of physical workout.
If nothing, in the name of the movement, walk as much as you can. Yes, avoid that elevator you have been using and climb up. To zero down your movement and stay stagnant while running your brain won’t be the best idea for a good diet plan. Instead of heading to the bar next door after the meeting, come up with better plans. Small steps lead to great health!

4.) Healthy orders from the amazing restaurants in the hotel booked through

Okay, we came up with the solution to the hotel problem and no more nomadic expeditions in the name of corporate travel but it doesn’t mean that you blame a bad health and murder of your diet plans on us. We know that the food places at our hotels are amazing and you wish to treat yourself post a victorious day in your corporate life but please do not.
Stick to a planned diet chart and order what seems to be the right thing. Our hotels already provide healthy items and can even personalize the preparation at your request. Also, why opt for room service when you can always walk? Every step counts. Let your body be thankful to you for being an amazing caretaker while suffering through corporate travel!

5.) Carry your essentials

On medication? Follow a routine intake of something specific like organic supplements? And whatever, it could be. Don’t jump off from the routine. Prepare a checklist of these if required but don’t forget them the next time you are doing corporate travel. A change in such routine affect you tremendously and the damage done is beyond comprehension.

The list can go beyond and grow, on and on. But we hope that you at least start adhering to these. The next time you are in a city while on your corporate travel, stay healthy and stay fit. can help you with the hourly booking of premium hotels but it can’t follow the right habits for you. Be good to yourself, happy corporate traveling.

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