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Hourly booking of premium hotels was not a thing, not before BookBySlot, and I – Corporate Singh, used to be one of the victims. My company won’t provide me with an accommodation if the flight was scheduled at the night and I would have 8-10 hours at disposal.
Also, sitting in a pub/café in Bangalore/Delhi/Mumbai and sipping through the evening sounds more boring to me now especially when these cities have been frequented for a million number times since I joined my first job. Booking a good hotel for a full day, regular slot, would not only put a hole in my pocket but sounds foolish to me, as well. And checking in a non-verified hotel sounds enough shady.
And then I bumped into BookBySlot for hourly booking of premium hotels, a revolutionary idea that has been started up by industry seniors who have known my problem statement, since always. Curious about the concept and with excitement to experience a solution for my problem, your Corporate Singh booked a hotel using BookBySlot.
For the first time in my life, instead of thinking of ways to leap through the time on Mumbai airport, I went to my hotel next door to the airport. Nice food, cozy nap and everything that regular check-in promises while paying only the quarter.
Not only economically relieved but booking by slot led me to a state of mental peace and physical relaxation. Yeah, we corporates don’t identify much with the ‘P’ word, right? But with BookBySlot living through a healthy routine has been achieved and I have decided to become a self-proclaimed ambassador of BookBySlot to promote the good culture for the corporates. So the adventures of Corporate Singh will continue. Yes, this little tweak in life helped me with so much that I have a storybook with myself now and I will keep on sharing my experiences with the hourly booking of premium hotels.

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