Hotel Rooms on Hourly Basis Near SafdarJung Tomb

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This amazing historical site is one of the most significant destinations in Delhi, built-in 1754, in the memory of statesman Safdarjung,  the red and buff-colored sandstone mausoleum and it is the last grand tomb of late Mughal architecture. Wonderful majestic double-storied entrance gate, with its vaulted entrance gates, creates the perfect frame for the main tomb from inside. Located at the T-junction of Lodhi Road and Aurobindo Marg (road) near the Safdarjung Airport in New Delhi.

Delhi and New Delhi are all about Mughal architecture, this is a famous historical place which helps to explore the history of the nation. It depicts the splendor of the Mughal empire and it also is known as Safdarjung Maqbara. These historical monuments play a key role in Delhi tourism, thousands of Indian national and foreign visitors visit this monument every year.

Prosperous Mughal grandeur used marble for the establishment of their monuments, Safdarjung’s son Shuja-ud-Daula liberated what he could reflect from other nearby tombs near this place, and the marble applied to the outer surface of the onion-shaped dome looks like an unadorned jigsaw puzzle with patches of pink sandstone that are seen through.  Creation of tomb signifies the decline of the Mughal empire and the death of the Kings over an empire which existed for over a time duration of 300 years, most important is that it was built in memory of a high ranking officer and not a ruler.

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  • Hotel Qutub Residency, Adchini which is about 8.8 km away.
  • Hotel The Madison GK-I, Pamposh Enclave, Greater Kailash, New Delhi which is about 12.2 km away.
  • GTC Hotel GK-II, Block E, Greater Kailash II, New Delhi which is about 12 km away.
  • The allure GK – I, which is about 10 km away.
  • Le cadre, Block R, Part 1, Greater Kailash, New Delhi, which is about 8.8 km away.
  • Treebo Conclave Riviera, Kailash Colony Rd, Block K, Kailash Colony, Greater Kailash, New Delhi; which is about 9 km away.
  • Hotel Zion(Safdarjung enclave) which is about 6.4 km away via Africa Ave.

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