Have you BookBySlot?

Have you BookBySlot? Yes, BookBySlot is becoming a verb, and why not? Booking premium hotels on a slot basis even for a night’s stay near hospitals, airports, railway stations have become a reality and what acts as an icing on the cake is the leadership which fuels the vision behind – industry seniors coming together […]

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5 regional movies that makes you travel

Chalo Let’s Go The Bengali film is all about four close friends – Hari, Shekhar, Ashim, and Sanjay, who are either jobless or are not content with their current profession. They start a travel agency named, ‘Gharoa Travels’. On their very first trip, they have nine passengers. On the way to the hills, a girl […]

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My Travel Experience

As a kid who grew up in coastal India, nothing would fascinate me more than watching the sunset every Sunday by the beach. My classmates would always talk about how they wanted to spend their weekends endlessly watching WWE or cartoons but I didn’t echo their desire. I was always longing for that Sunday evening […]

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Travel – A Mental Exercise

I think every writer goes through this for every blog he/she writes. You may have written millions of words about millions of experiences in your lifetime but there’s always an impending sense of doom when you start yet another piece. Such is the fear of not being able to put your point or more prominently, […]

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Corporate Singh Short Stay in Mumbai | Book Hotel Room by Hour near Mumbai Airport

Budget hotels near Mumbai international airport, doesn’t sound like a thing, right? Yep, I used to think similarly. Your Corporate Singh was in Mumbai, like every other two times, every month. The newness this time was Mumbai rains, clogged drains etc. etc. Enough movies and news coverage on this by people much creative than your […]

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