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Budget hotels near Mumbai international airport, doesn’t sound like a thing, right? Yep, I used to think similarly. Your Corporate Singh was in Mumbai, like every other two times, every month. The newness this time was Mumbai rains, clogged drains etc. etc. Enough movies and news coverage on this by people much creative than your humble Corporate Singh.

Amidst this newness, I got freed at 11 a.m. from my corporate travel schedules and the ‘C’ factor was gone which is the sole source of my Spartan self. Back to a normal man, I was craving for a shelter as the flight would depart at 1 a.m. in the night: a cup of hot coffee, a warm blanket and a TV replaying one of the classics on Mumbai which could repaint the city in my mind into something more beautiful than the current mess.

And okay, I remembered my last shot with the hourly booking of premium hotels platform, and I repented my decision of not booking a stay prior to my travel. Nervously I opened their website exploring the hotels available for slot booking as it was quite a short notice and that too, budget hotels near Mumbai international airport is an extinct being in itself.

But let me hug these corporate superheroes, always on the rescue – here I got a premium stay at budgeted pricing, and booked the hotel room next to the great Mumbai airport from Book By Slot at 10% discount using Paytm. Getting a cab was no easy task but the waiting results were enough to pump up my lost Spartan self. Hot coffee, warm blanket, TV playing a classic on Mumbai – oh I was so happy.

Not only I but my wife and mother got equally happy, they felt elated that missing on my Yoga routine was not an excuse anymore. I can’t reflect my exact emotions but I allowed myself to focus on the coffee and the warm blanket waiting for me.

I have been self-observant introvert since always and the unwanted stares or the social questions were thrown at someone going for a slot booking inside a hotel kind of worries me especially when safety and security against the socially ill elements is something that no Gods promise these days. And that’s the loveliest part of BookBySlot, verified hotels with trained and friendly staff – no worries.

As normal as the regular bookings, the perfect room I got just next to Mumbai airport. I felt the hint of gratitude piling inside myself for the team, if not revolutionary this is at least a great step towards sensibility and consumer-friendly ecosystem. By the way, why only we end consumers? I guess the hotels must be doing great business as well.

Letting go of my analytical self, I laid myself in the arms of the hot coffee, warm blanket but the movie couldn’t be a part of my noon as I fell asleep. I wasn’t used to of such miniature luxuries throughout my ‘corporate traveling career’ and it felt nice, it felt good. Checking out of my hotel next door to the Mumbai airport made me feel smart and content, funnily! I could smell the air of celebration around me for winning over a more comfortable lifestyle
through a decision.

After boarding the plane at the Mumbai airport, I replayed the day in my head and ended up with a smile. Even your next door Corporate Singh feels happy with the small things. I feel happy that the Book By Slot came up with such a brilliant solution and perhaps, no small things are budget hotels near Mumbai international airport.

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