Wild Journey:

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The traits that possess the beginning of a wild journey as one travels into the heart of darkness are devotion, admiration, and courage. This type of an adventurous journey refreshes both body and soul. Lounged at a height of 4,851 feet above sea level, Nandi Hills is over an hour’s drive from Bengaluru and it is a bucolic escape. The ancient summer evacuation of Tipu Sultan, this oldest hill fortress is dispersed with monuments and is a pleasant change from the hustle-bustle of city life. During the older days, Nandi Hills was known as Ananda Giri, which means the hills of joy. In the present years, many of cyclists,  photographers, and trekkers head to this place for a short weekend getaway.

The significance of Wild Journey:

For a little while, now the controversy has enclosed the concern of interacting with wild animals where animals are being used commercially under the facet of conservation, research work, and educational purposes. BookBySlot understands that the traveler’s safety is incredibly important, so we provide assistance to travelers to stay closest to natural habitats so that they can pleasant themselves by viewing the nature.

Advantages of Eco-Tourism:

It is a soft-spoken and modest opinion that traveling to natural areas helps to conserve the environment and improve the welfare of local people and nature-friendly travelers can support environmental protection all around the globe. The way we treat our surroundings insights a reflection of people towards the ecosystem. The more of these life-changing experiences have during such journeys, the more responsible we become to protect these special places from the ravages of climate change and unsustainable development.

Pocket-friendly Hotels that bookbyslot.com provide near-natural habitats:

If planning to visit Nandi Hills, BookBySlot helps to transit pocket-friendly hotels in Bangalore. Budget hotels that can be availed in Bangalore are Treebo select Wilson garden, Treebo Roxel Inn. Premium hotels like The Lalit Ashok can also be booked on BookBySlot on hourly basis. BookBySlot wishes you a happy stay!

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