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Discounted hourly booking of premium hotels next to airports and railway stations or wherever
throughout India in cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad, Pune and much more is now a
thing; thanks to BookBySlot! Booking hotels is an essential part of corporate travels and hourly booking
of accommodations has been a dream come true already, with many corporate using the platform like
anything! Especially next to airports and railway stations, the concept has received quite an acceptance.
On top of everything, BookBySlot is now redefining their own offerings by including major discounts.
Their recent collaboration with Paytm to reward a flat 10% discount on hourly booking of premium
hotels across India with INR 50 cash back in Paytm wallet; by simply booking any premium hotel through
BookBySlot and paying using Paytm with the promo code ‘PAYTM10’ is next to revolutionary.
Budget corporate travels and economic stays with pay as peruse policy had never been a thing, like this
one, ever. Just check in at whatever time you wish as per your schedule of travel, stay on hourly basis
and checkout as per your own slot wise booking while paying for your hourly use plus receiving
discounts – this has been the dream of every corporate traveler.
Cherry-picked hotels with cherry on the top like discounts; BookBySlot is surely achieving its motto to
become a name in the corporate realms. Apart from regular corporate travelers many people are
availing the ongoing discounted offering just to enjoy a stay in a premium place at the cheapest possible
Hotels are more than happy to partner with such a company which has helped them in multiplying their
customer base like anything. From the regular 65.5% occupancy rate, there has been an upsurge of
booking rate to a decent 78.8%. Multiple slot wise bookings of the rooms on hourly basis help in
multiplying the business and with such discounted offerings; it has become a hit among the customers
hence pleasuring the hoteliers.
Grab your share of joy right away, this will be an investment and experiences that won’t make you
repent for a dime. Had been thinking to live in a hotel for a while to have a change if not a serious use
case of staying over during your corporate travels? Well, well and well. Why do you wait for something
else? Receive your 10% discounted hourly stay in any of the premium properties that you have been
wanting to!
More discounts on such slot wise stays will be rolled out from the side of the company. Stay updated
through the social media pages and the website. Why spend more than you use and why spend more
than the best offering in the market? Discounted hourly stays in premium hotels near airport and
railway stations in the cities like Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Pune and Hyderabad awaits you!

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