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After my graduation, I preferred to chase my dreams of the skill of using paint, either in the pictures or as decoration. I decided to leave the paid position of regular employment in the IT sector and live my life with the different colors on the canvas. Though it was a little though at first, most of the people didn’t know about my work, but eventually after a certain period of time I started getting job offers from different locations of the entire country. Some of them wanted me to engrave them in frames, some of them wanted to buy the creations that are the paintings and on the other hand, the rest wanted me to decorate their homes with alluring colorful wall paintings.

It was the time when I received my first work offer from Bengal. I was asked to work in a building in Bhawanipur, Kolkata, in which objects of historical, scientific, artistic, or cultural interest are to be stored and exhibited. The art and other manifestations of human intellectual achievement regarded collectively, the ideas, customs and social behavior of a particular person would prevail on every wall of the entire structure.

Honestly, I was extremely delighted with the thought of working there, which gave me a completely new opportunity to work for a particular tradition. But there was one thing in mind that I would really need an accommodation there near Kolkata airport that to hotels on an hourly basis.

Only in a few days, I booked my ticket from Delhi to Kolkata. Along with the overwhelming feeling, I was a little worried about the timing of the flight, which would land on Bengal at 5 in the morning. And that was causing slightly uneasy and discomfort for me to enter a city which I had only visited with my family before that too at an odd timing. And I was not pretty sure with the hotels near Kolkata airport to stay. I didn’t have even any faintest idea about the highly booking hotels near Kolkata airport. But I couldn’t help with the situation. I couldn’t have booked any other flights at an urgent notice like this. Anyway, I was ready with the bag by 8 at night that day itself. I had a flight at midnight at 3:10. I reached the airport by 11pm.

I had plenty of time in the airport to expend to no purpose. I was doing my work for the designs on my laptop suddenly an advertisement popped up on the laptop screen, which was done by the site of Bookbyslot. I really didn’t have any idea about an authority like providing rooms for a slot and amazingly which can be in hours of our own choice and on the other hand there’s nothing called pre-booking charges. In short, it was a way out for a traveler like me to get rooms on an hourly basis. Formerly I knew about the hotels on hourly based bookings but never used it before. I searched more about the online booking of rooms on, the charges, rooms, services, safety and everything for the hourly based rooms. I was pretty satisfied with the reviews too. I decided to book a room online then and there on so that I can occupy the room very early in the morning as soon as I land on Kolkata. I registered on the site and succeeded to book a room on for a few hours of booking. Amongst the hotels in Kolkata, the guest house that was provided to me for the hourly based facility was not so far from my workplace. I could travel by taxi or an auto easily.

The plane landed at 5:30 in the morning. It was a pleasant morning as expected. I exited the airport and looked for a taxi to Bhawanipur. As the taxi driver told me, he had taken the other way to Bhawanipur which would have the famous Victoria Memorial on its way. I was astonished to see the splendid white structure standing straight early in the morning, the artistic sun got up and stared like painting the dark black sky into a bright blue sky. The bright looking milky clouds got up from sleep and started traveling around the sky visiting the wonderful environment.

Eventually, the taxi stopped at the entrance of a building, it was the mentioned place where I did the booking for the hourly based room. I headed towards the reception. They asked for the confirmation of booking, I showed them the message I received from the official site of Then an adult male showed me the way to the room that I was allotted.

The first thing I did was to get freshened up and take a peaceful nap. I woke up at around 9:30am. Felt a little hunger so ordered a cup of tea and cookies. In a few minutes, my phone started ringing, it was a call from Mr. Bose, the owner of the building, I would be working for. I was supposed to be at the place exactly at 11:30am. So I decided to leave the place soon. I arranged all the stuff that I took out of the bag I was carrying. And went to the reception to check out. It was a room that I used only for four and a half hours. An amazing experience for the first time in my life.

I saw a car waiting outside the guest house, I assumed it was for me sent by Mr. Bose. I confirmed once and got into the car and headed towards the destination.

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