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Book By Slot is finally out and is more than used but loved. An idea manifested by the superheroes from the corporate world only, it is so true a feel that necessity is the mother of invention and this invention had to come through the ones who have known the pain, the pain of the famous awkward corporate travel where time is enough for a good hotel but the full day fixed timing check-ins and the cannonball of bills demolish the budget with a bare thought. But no more, no more the illogical and colonial system will trouble you!

Book By Slot, co-founded by Anubhav Agarwal and Neha Jain, serves your purpose and heals your pain of bad corporate travel experiences. Hourly booking of premium hotels near airports and railway stations throughout the country, budgeted corporate travels, is what Book By Slot offers.

A wide number of on boarded premium hotels across the city and especially near airports and railway stations make it all possible. And the pan India presence of the company gives away the solution to your problem in your hands.

Started up in 2016– recognition from Start-up India, the company has been expanding like anything. What was a thought experiment of the co-founders became a widely accepted use case and since then the company hasn’t looked back!

With a presence in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, and Kolkata; the company has been serving happy clients and why not? Corporate people are terming it as the medicine in their industry especially for the ones who are into corporate travel. The travel routes, a home away from home, are finally a comfort at home.

Not only a delight for customers but a sensation among the hoteliers, the idea has gotten quite an acceptance. The reason is the hike in occupancy rate getting observed by the hoteliers because of its sensible business model. The multiple slots multiply the business like anything, especially in a country like India where the occupancy rate over a year is 65.5%. Also, who but the corporates are the holy customers during off seasons who now will head to you by themselves! Good business it sounds like and good business it has been. A significant hike has been observed in the overall rate of occupancy.

It is quite a revolution in itself since a country like India has been the most talkative on the topics like hourly booking of the hotels. To take upon the responsibility of a rescue officer reorienting the entire thinking and throw off the barrier to the solution of an immediate problem is great.

The problem has been a genuine trouble for the corporate travelers and especially for the ones who have health problems and a routine to adhere to. To not work for a solution because of absolutely nonsensical reasons has been a folly. But finally with as an option, no more looking back!

When communicating with the customers and the on boarded hotels, the response has been really great. Surprisingly it has received a better open arm that had been expected. The increasing user base and the pan India reach to supply the onslaught of demand have been the reflectors of a bright future. It will be really interesting to witness a positive change in and around a world framed by us. To be using the service and experience the talks would be quite remarkable.

The only concern had been the ease of allowance to get on board as a vendor hotel but it got answered quite well. Cherry-picking the onboarding hotels, is one thing that has been doing, already! And that answers that last grain of doubt. To sum it up, a great start-up started up really great.

So budget hotels for hourly booking in premium hotels (starting from 5-star hotels) in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune? For that matter: hourly basis booking of hotels throughout India? Book By Slot lot is the answer!

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