Pursuit of Happiness

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“The most important thing is to enjoy your life—to be happy—it’s all that matters.” ― Audrey Hepburn

Life, freedom, liberty, happiness and most important “pursuit of happiness” are the well-known phrases in this boisterous world. It is well-known fact that money can buy you a mattress but not sleep, in the same way, there is no penny in this world that can buy you happiness. Happiness is the physical pleasure that comes from within when something extremely good happens with a person.

Life is an open book which consists of blank pages and, by birth, God has gifted everyone with a pen to fill up this book. Happiness may take many forms but it is the underlying motivator in most our own decisions. We often have a layer of thoughts and beliefs in the mind that often tend to complicate our sense of enjoyment and pursuit of happiness.

Think that you planning on going to trip with family and you are looking for hotel booking online. Suddenly, you open any search engine and you type book hotels online. While browsing, you found an advertisement on one corner saying that Super Easy and Quick Bookings available in the Budget & Luxury Hotels. After getting the hotel booked through this advertisement, we feel overjoyed, elated, and our emotions are filled with happiness as a clam. Your mind and soul become happier after you have spent the quality time with your family in that hotel. Hence, it is very well said that the assumed impact on emotions is the principle motivator behind our decisions.

Achieving happiness and creating it for oneself is completely in the hands of an individual. One should enjoy every small moment in the life to keep oneself self-motivated and happy. Happiness might differ from person to person. For the nature lovers, happiness is chirping of birds in the morning, in the same way for travelers, it might be getting the transit hotel booked at the cheaper price and the list goes on.  Keeping oneself happy is an authentic pursuit of happiness and the natural desire of our own attitude.

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