Safed Baradari:

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Safed Baradari is a famous tourist attraction in Lucknow having twelve doors. A few years back, it was known as the Baradari of Qaiser Bagh, in recent years it is known Safed Baradari by virtue of its color (white is called as Safed in Hindi), is a spot of triumph and gayety where the aristocrat of the city solemnize marriages and hold receptions. Reasonably, it would be a jolt for the people who have been to such occasions of joy to gain something that initially the gracious building was meant as ‘palace for mourn’ and was titled Qasr-ul-Aza as such. It was constructed by the last King of Awadh, Wajid Ali Shah as a makbara for observing azadaari (mourning after death) for the anguish of Imam Hussain and his followers at Karbala.

The architecture of Safed Baradari:

This elegant place is situated in Lucknow’s Qaisar Bagh (sometimes also pronounced as Qaiser Bagh or Kaiser Bagh) area and stands on a heightened platform or podium. It can be reached and polled from all sides, the gate facing Eastern side is the main entrance and there is a large gallery in front of it with carved marble screens as fencing. On top of the building, are octagonally shaped towers in the corners. The interior of the Safed Baradari has beautiful elaborated stucco work, alluring arched gateways, and windows with twin columns. Light fixtures hang from the ceiling and the building looks very well maintained.

Other Tourist Attractions near Safed Baradari:

In the direction of the east face of the Safed Baradari is the Lakhi Darwaza or Qaisar Bagh Gate, which is one of the excellent design of Indo-European architectural style that developed in Oudh. To the north face is Butler Park, in reach of which may be seen the memorial to Sir Spencer Harcourt Butler, a British administrator who became the cardinal Governor in the United Provinces of Agra and Oudh in 1921. Farther to the north gate, is the Bhatkhande Music Institute, which was established in 1926 by renowned musicologist Vishnu Narayan Bhatkhande.

Hotels that can be booked while visiting Safed Baradari:

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Treebo Shanta Inn which is 1.9 km about 6 mins drive from Baradari. Another joyful hotel that can pleasant mood is  Treebo Ananya Royals which is about 13.2 km and it takes 23 mins by car to reach here. Treebo Metro Inn (10.7 km, 18 mins drive), Treebo Shubankar Inn(7.5 km, 13 mins drive) and  Treebo Shubham Inn (11.9 km, 21 mins drive) are some best budget hotels that can be availed nearby. Treebo The Leaf (9.8 km, 20 mins drive) and Mandakini Saket Regency(1.9 km, 11 mins away) are which can be availed on an hourly basis along with best coupons.

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