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 Dwelling for 18 Public Departments

Step into the Karnataka High Court on a casual day and you would treasure trove corridors crowded with lawyers and clients scampering to and fro after ceasing to glare at the digital boards that list hearings. The history of the dignified red architecture appears remote in the hustle and bustle of litigations. The dwelling of the High Court in the vicinity of Bangalore, Attara Kacheri is situated just contrary the Vidhana Souda and was constructed long way back in 1867 in the European biblical style, and still holds a beautiful and captivating charm.

Construction and design of this magnificent building:

This deep red stone charming architecture was built in the 19th century. Built in the Gothic style of architectonics, its Corinthian columns were finally finished in the year 1864. The red color of the building frameworks a marvelous contrast with the white-colored Vidhana Soudha. From the year 1868 till 1956, the court had several Public Office settled in it that was later relocated to Vidhana Soudha. And this building was then known as the High Court of the state of Karnataka. The portrayal of Sir Mark Cubbon, Commissioner of Mysore(1834-1861) embellishes the ceiling of the central hall.

The history of the gracious building:

The antiquity of the Karnataka High Court can be outlined back to the year 1884 when the Chief Court of Mysore was constructed with only three judges and was nominated as the highest court of the proposition, allusion, and revision in the arena of Mysore, the older name of the state of Karnataka. The court had several District Courts, beautifully built Subordinate Judges, Courts, and Munsiff Courts to provide assistance to people on civil cases and a Court of Sessions, District Magistrate and First, Second and Third Class Magistrates to benefit it on criminal cases. In 1930, it was renamed as the High Court of Mysore and the Chief Judge was given the name of Chief Justice. In 1973, it was finally named as Karnataka High Court.

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