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Need for Extended Stays:

When people on are the road for business, there are certain amenities provided by their organizations that make their journey much easier. This is especially true when a person is away from home for an extended interval of time and attempting to maintain some form of normalcy in their routine.

Value Pricing for Extended Stays:

Instead of paying per night at a regular hotel while booking a room, with an extended stay property, pay the hotel according to the hours of stay, with rates comparable to just a night or two at an average hotel. If planning to stay for 30 days or more, at many locations, one has the option of taking advantage of savings, instead of prepaying for the month. Many hotels also offer Stow and Go promotions offers,  in case, there is need to leave town for a few days, keep your room and all of the belongings safe in a room for a low nightly rate – along with being cost-efficient prices, it saves the hassle of packing and unpacking of travelers!! Just contact BookbySlot for details, avail amazing offers and make destination visit memorable one!!

Extended Stays prospering the travelers:

Extended stay properties among the hotels have been experiencing a boom and attracting thousands of investors and business travelers every year. In terms of space required, extended stay hotels provide protracted stay travelers with mind-boggling along with other amazing stuff so that the travelers might not feel boredom and enjoy staying at the place.

Beneficial during Relocations and Temporary Housing:

Planning to relocate or renovate the house? Extended stays provide affordable temporary lodging by providing the stay at cost-effective hotels. Provide pocket- friendly stay where money is paid on the hourly basis, money can be saved while settling into a new city, looking for a new place to stay, completing an important business assignment during corporate trips, or recuperating from taxing medical procedure. Extended stay hotels provide with everything that might be needed for a long-term stay.

BookBySlot offers hourly booking on one of the finest premium hotels as well as on some budget hotels in all metropolis cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore.

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