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This beautiful temple was constructed in 1786 by the architect of Bangalore, Kempegowda, this temple is an excellent example of Dravidian style architecture. Sworn to Nandi, the holy bull, a very large monolithic bull inside the gracious temple is 15 meters tall and 20 feet long. The bull is thought to surge the volume of its current dimensions are 5 feet high and 6 meters long. The Bull temple in the region of Bangalore is one of the oldest temples located in Basavanagudi and devoted to Nandi, the vault of Lord Shiva. This bull of 4.5 meters height and six meters in length monolithic is thought to be former than the temple is the house. It is considered that the commencement of the origin of the river Vishva Bharti at the foot of the statue. The Bull Temple is acclaimed for the myth that it carries and an awesome monolithic deity of Nandi, the spiritual bull, sculpted in the typical style of the Dravidian architecture.

The architecture of the Bull Temple:

The Nandi Bull is engraved in the granite rock. The authentic color of Nandi bull was gray, now turned black because of the use of coconut oil by the faithful believers. The statue of the bull is engraved into the rock inside a statue captivates the devotees from near and far.  Non-Hindu people are not granted in the temple. The temple is active always with some ceremony, which is constantly in the temple premises. At the end of weekdays, musicians commence their concerts at the temple. The alarming monolithic divinity in this temple, Nandi Bull, standoff devotees from across the country. Bull has a small iron plate on its head, so that, as tradition says, to grow. In Extension, there is a beautifully sculpted Ganesh temple, where the devotees devote around 110 pounds of butter.

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