Seshadri Iyer Memorial Hall

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It is an eye-catching red building with a ceiling. The monumental building is located in the mainstream of the Cubbon Park, enclosed by the foliage of the park and has a dazzling facade of the rose garden. The dwelling of the eminent Seshadri Memorial library, which has an area of 300 square kilometers and it exercises as the pinnacle of the Karnataka Public Libraries system, which is administered by State Library Authority. In 2000, the Library was honored the Raja Ram Mohan Roy Library Foundation Award for the best state central library in India in recognition of its exceptional contribution to creditable services rendered in growing knowledge and regulating up of library movement in the city of Bangalore in peculiar and in the state of Karnataka in general.

Biography of Sir K. Seshadri Iyer:

Seshadri Iyer belongs from a family of lawyers (both his father and his brother was a lawyer in Calicut). Amazingly, Seshadri Iyer did not go to school until the age of 11. Maybe to knock off for lost time, he went to mutable schools at Calicut, the region of Cochin and stretch of Trivandrum, passing his examinations with distinction. He enlisted in Presidency College Madras and achieved a Bachelor of Law degree from Madras University. He mainly focussed on building infrastructure for transport, irrigation department and mining sector.

The architecture of Building:

The Library is penetrated through two balconies at each end of the front, has a beautiful rose garden at its building front decorates and strengthens the building. The Memorial Hall is a usual European style building backing by Tuscan columns is constructed in 1915, in recognition of Sri K.Seshadri Iyer who was chief of state of Mysore from 1883 to 1901.

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