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Devanahalli Fort is positioned at 35 km (22 miles) north of Bangalore city (NH7), in the region of Devanahalli, Rural District of Bangalore, in the state of Karnataka. It was originally constructed in the year 1501 by Malla Baire Gowda. Then it endured in the care of his descendants until the between of the eighteenth century. In the year 1749, then Datavayi of Mysore, Nanjarajaiah, bombarded the fort and engaged the fort. Eventually, the fort moved into the hands of Hyder Ali and then to the hands of Tipu Sultan. In the year 1791, Lord Cornwallis laid closure to the fort and took custody during the Anglo-Mysore War.

History of Devanahalli Fort :

The antiquity of this fort ages back to the 15th century, when the households of absconding refugees from the zone of Conjeevaram (now known as Kanchipuram), camped near the belt of Ramaswami betta, stationed in the region of the east of Nandi Hills. Their ruler Rana Baire Gowda was allegedly directed in a fantasy to set up a resolution in this region. He and his Morasu Wokkalu family lived in a small village, named Ahuti, which was next known as Avati. His son Malla Baire Gowda founded the region of Devanahalli,  the area of Chikka-Ballapura and the beautiful place Dodda-Ballapura. Kempegowda, the builder of Bangalore city is also from the Morasu Wokkalu family.

The architecture of the Fort:

The contemporary fort was constructed of stone by Haidar Ali and Tipu Sultan, is dispersed over an area of 20 acres (8 ha). The approximate elliptical east conforms fortification veneered with dressed masonry has as many as 12 semi-circular bastions at regular intervals. A vast bastion is furnished towards the inner side of the fortification. The fort has entrances adorned with cut plasterwork at the east and west. The entrances are quite narrow, pleasant enough for the horses of yore. The base stations are equipped with gun points built with lime and brick.

Some other beautiful temples in the fort:

  •  Siddalingeshwara temple
  •  Raghavendraswamy Math
  •  Chandramouleshwara Temple
  •  Sarovaranjaneya temple
  •  Nanjundeshwara temple

They are must-visit magnificent temples near the Fort.

Pocket-friendly hotels available near the Fort:

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  • The Lalit
  • The Ashok
  • Treebo Adarsh Inn

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